On the territory of the Republic of Macedonia influenced many nations and many cultures. The marks that they have left are still present in now days, some visible and some unnoticeable. Just so as in the forests, they are present in all aspect of life.

Observing the trees, not only from the aspects of the traditional economical benefits, but also from the cultural aspects, we can learn the value of the trees in the past, and today. Trees were gods, a door to the other world, symbol of fertility and plenty, temple of faith and place where people bow down and gave sacrifice. Trees had central the role in peoples lives.

Today trees have lost their magic. They do not represent gods nor protect from deamons, any more. Still, they are feared and respected due to their long life and enormous size. Secretly they are still woven in the lives of men. Trees can be found in homes, in yards, at work, on the streets, in the parks, and where man wants to rest and feel at home.

That's why to know the symboly of trees - the magic of treees around us is a must. So people would think everytime when they plant a tree, and not only to plant them just because they are green. Simply to give some essence, a traditional element of the plants in the city and everywhere there is needed some magic. And trough the symboly of trees to establische a new dimension in to forestry, a new wave which will form a management of natural resources that will unite the ancient with the modern.

To make green areas that are based on the knowledge and the culture of all people that passed trough the Republic of Macedonia.

Let us plant the new tree of life.