Curriculum Vitae

family name: Rantaša

name: Bojan


date and place of birth: 30 June 1979, Skopje

I'm a graduate of Environmental engineering at the Faculty of Forestry - Skopje, with an average, of 8,76 (88%). I have completed grammar high school (math and natural sciences) at "Rade Jovcevski - Korcagin" in 1998, with an average of 4,85 (in a scale of 1 to 5). Primary school completed in Skopje in "Nevena Georgieva - Dunja" with average of 5,00 (in a scale of 1 to 5).

I speak Macedonian, Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian language. I have attended course in advanced English. I have finished 5th level of beginners course for Japanese. I posses knowledge of basic German. And I can understand Bulgarion.

I have attended a course in Geographic Technologies, geographic Information systems and remote sensing, organized by the the Faculty of Forestry - Skopje and the Institute for Geography and Regional Sciences - Graz.

I have attended a seminar for Development of NGO's, that was held by ISC (Institution for Sustainable Communities). Also I have attended numerous schools and seminars within the Scouts, in the area of NGO organisation; work with children; dissemination of knowledge; presentation skills; leadership etc.

I posses a class B driving licence since 1997.

Member of the Scout Movement

Member of the Macedonian - Japanese Association of Friendship.

Member of the Society of slovenians in Macedonia - "France Prešeren"

Member of Yang Mens Christian Association - Macedonia.

Member of the Global Association of Online Foresters.

Member of the Mountain Forum.

Cyberactivist of Greenpeace.

Blood donor.

I was working in the organisation of the Third Mediterranean Oaks Network Meeting (a part of EUFORGEN - IPGRI), Ohrid, 6 - 8 November 2003 as an assistant orginiser; and on the International Conference "Management of the forests as a natural ressources in the Balkan/SEE region", Ohrid 18-21 June 2003, as project administrator.

During the summer of 2001 I did an internship at the management of the National Park "Galicica" in Ohrid for one month. Where I was working as an assistant of the executive forestry engineer - Andon Bojaði.

In the autumn of 2000 I helped organise a forest planting activity with prof. D-r. Dana Kolevska at the Faculty of Forestry - Skopje.

Unrelated to my field of profession, I worked on consecutive translation, English to Macedonian and vice versa, for the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the World Bank.

As a volunteer I accuired diverse experience in writeing and conducting projects, organization of activities, strategic planing, dessemination of knowledge and communication skils.Where I had the oppertunity to get experience and to exchange experience with people from the environmental and forestry sector from Macedonia, the Balkans and Europe.

At the Faculty of Forestry - Skopje, I vas a member of the Assotiation of forestry students at the Faculty of Forestry - Skopje "Dren", a local committee of the International Forestry Students Association. Where I organised and conducted a student exchange week with the WUR - Faculty of Forestry from Wageningen, The Netherlands in 2000, covering topics such as: biodiversity, national parks and forest management. In 1999 I participated on the "Unicum Cup" workshop and contest, in Sopron, Hungary. And also I've organised several field activities trough the forests of Macedonia.

I have a long experience with the NGO sector as a volunteer, mostly with in the Scout Movement. Where I'm a member since 1989. There I had numerous tasks and responibilities. I participated in the organization of local and national activities. And in the period of 2002 and 2003 I was volunteering as a Program Commissioner in the National Bearou. After which I retain my invovement with in the Organization as a specialized instructor on nature and environmental issues.

In the period from 1997 till 1999 I was a member of the Youth Film Workshop "Ed Wood". During which time I was in the organisation of numerous seminars and activities and I had experince with the media.

Being broad minded, in April 2001 I participated in the organisation of the jazz concert tour of Toni Kitanovski, Vinny Golia and Gustavo Agilar.

I posses fair knowledge of computers. Have experience with the user programs SUN: Star Office; MS: Word, Power Point and Excell; Adobe: Premier, Page Maker and Photo Shop; Macromedia: Dreamweaver MX; Quark: EXpress; Corel: Draw, Paint; IMSI: Turbo CAD;

Hobbies and interests: fotography, hicking, mountaineering, camping and cycling.